The Internet has seen its fair share of viral sensations, from the more beneficial phenomenon of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, to the more humorously bizarre Mannequin Challenge, we humans are fascinated by these ubiquitous gags. However, one such pointless circumstance that is unfortunately sweeping the nation is the "Tide Pod Challenge" a particularly troublesome craze that has many concerned.

The main objective of this latest viral fad is the participant simply places one of these detergent capsules in their mouth and eat them; gross, right? Well this growing trend has been spreading across the Internet like wildfire, which has seen many individuals indulging in this challenge for all to witness. Here is a video of one eager Youtuber biting into a pod:

However, media sources have been notified of this latest trend, and have been bringing awareness to the potential for death when chewing into a Tide Pod. NME recently posted a similar diatribe against the Tide Pod Challenge, as well as the brilliantly effective pairing of Tide and footballer Rob Gronkowski. In a pair of tweets, the two have partnered together to trying and nullify the interest in this phenomenon by outright denouncing it. You know when the manufacturer of a product warns you against ingesting it, that is some advice that should not be taken for granted.