Apple Music is a scary prospect for competitors, and with Tidal already off to a bit of a slow start, it's even scarier. While the going rate for streaming services across the board is $9.99 (Tidal included, with the option of HiFi at 19.99), Apple has introduced a very competitive family price of $14.99 for up to 6 users.

While Tidal did not previously have a family option, Jay Z must have felt threatened by Apple's offer, and has thus launched its own multi-member deal, though it's not quite the value of Apple's.

You can now add additional subscriptions to your existing membership at $5 a piece for up to 4 new users. This means you can have 5 people on a plan for $30, still a head above the Apple plan, but much more reasonable than five independent accounts.

Think it'll earn them some more subscribers, or is Apple not worth chasing at this point? Check out our comparison of the two services, and vote for which one you'll be using here.