Drake's "Two Birds, One Stone" has caused a fair bit of conversation over the last week, particularly regarding the shots he took at Kid Cudi in the lyrics, which have been criticized due to Cudi recently checking himself into rehab for depression. It's now been pointed out that Kanye West (an artist Cudi had dissed at the same time as Drake a few weeks back) has a writing credit on the song, and more importantly, Tidal has listed him as both a producer and a lyricist. 

But let's take a few steps back here. Apple has listed the writing credits of the song as "A. Graham, N. Shebib, K. West, J. Francis & J. Castellani." Tidal has listed the same names as the "composer" credits on the album, but then provides two separate categories of "lyricist" and "producer." While Kanye West (K. West) and 40 (N. Shebib) are listed as the producers, all five of the names return as lyricists. It's certainly possible that all five of these people, including Kanye and 40, contributed to the lyrics of the song, but it's not exactly a normal practice. There also seems to be a sample to be accounted for, which may explain the two unfamiliar names in the list, but again, the use of a sample would not make them "lyricists." What we're getting at is, it would be nice if Tidal could provide some more info on how they constructed this "lyricist" section.

Of course, if Kanye did contribute to the lyrics, there's no way of knowing which lines he assisted with, though the kneejerk assumption seems to be that he could have helped with the diss aimed at Cudi. However, Kanye also sent well wishes to Cudi at a recent concert.

Do you think Kanye is behind some of the lyrics here, or is it all a big misunderstanding? Let us know in the comments below.