Today, TIDAL launched a new original bi-weekly podcast video series, “Inside My DNA,” that showcases freewheeling conversations with artists, across all genres, who are also products of immigrant households, and unpack the similarities and differences that inform and inspire every aspect of their careers and lives. Hosted by TIDAL culture and content editors, and Adelle Platon, the series is slated to feature guests, including John Leguizamo and Lea Salonga.

Actress/singer Jessica Pimentel of the award-winning Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, stars in the premiere episode of the series. The Dominican American star discusses being the product of immigrants, unity in the face of adversity, and being an overall badass Latinx.

The "Inside My DNA" podcast is part of the growing TIDAL On Air podcast network, which includes a variety of series hosted by some of the most trusted and influential names in Latin music, hip-hop and comedy. From Luis Jimenez’s self-titled podcast to Angie Martinez and Miss Info’s “In Real Life” – TIDAL is at the pulse of music culture.

Watch the first episode below with a TIDAL subscription.