Tidal is giving its users more freedom when it comes to curating just exactly what kind of music and artists they want showing up on their explore page and playlists. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tidal's new mute button lets users control who they don't want to listen and helps to enhance each users "mix" that automatically gets play once a playlist or selected song is over. 

All you have to do is click the block button the "my playing" page shows. It will ask if you want to block a specific track or an artist's whole entire catalogue. If you have a change of heart, it can be reversed in the settings. The move comes after the recent controversy over R. Kelly's music still being streamed after the disgraced singer's predatory moves was the subject of Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly documentary. 

Spotify made similar moves last month that have yet to roll out in full.

Speaking of Tidal, we've comprised a playlist of our own dubbed HotNewHipHop: Tidal Wave. Every week we'll drop off some of our favourite tracks and some may very well carry over to the next week if we're still bumpin' it on repeat. Check out our latest round-up here.