Kanye West's recent Twitter spree has been dividing a lot of his fans on whether they'll still listen to his music, despite his alignment with Donald Trump. As you're probably aware, Trump isn't the most celebrated president in hip hop, or in America, so it didn't really come as a surprise the amount of backlash 'Ye received since standing by his "brother" of "dragon energy." What is surprising is the amount of people who've been reaching out to Kanye in hopes that he might reconsider including T.I.. He took to Instagram to reveal the conclusion he came to after spending a day with 'Ye.

After spending a day with Kanye West yesterday, T.I. revealed the conclusion he came to. While he admitted that he was optimistic about 'Ye, he did say that it'll be a "long term work in progress."

"Yesterday Spent the day wit Kanye... Long term work in progress, no doubt. Still Optimistic," he wrote on his Instagram story. "Something From our discussion gon STICK... I refuse to just give up on him. The Old Ye Too Important!!!"

While Kanye's love for Trump has been heavily criticized, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise. John Legend recently explained to Ebro earlier today that he believes Kanye sees some of his own characteristics in Donald Trump. "I think he sees certain aspects of himself in Trump, like how brash he is and how he don't give a fuck and nobody believed he was gonna win." He explained.