Amid several stories that they're in the middle of a contentious divorce process, it doesn't look like T.I. has that much love lost, if at all, for his wife Tiny.

The famed rapper took to Instagram to share some vintage weddings photos of the couple on their most special day, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that read as follows:

"Happy 7th Anniversary Mrs H. Looking at these pics Seems like the time flew by. Never a dull moment... Everyday we LIT!!!! Stay Making this Family shit look sexy. They ain't never seen shit like US!!!! Can't expect nobody to understand this thing of ours... it's unfathomable to most. Through the good & bad we stay up,whether right or wrong we gon RIDE!!! That's all I can ask for. With all my love... Mr. H."

Who knows what this means for the couple's future as husband and wife, but they're clearly still looking out for each other. Check out the full Instagram post below.