It's been nearly two years since Gucci Mane and T.I. had their spat over who created trap music. However, two years later and T.I.'s knowledge of trap music's business and history will be used to teach a course at Clark Atlanta University called "Business Of Trap Music." Billboard reports that T.I. will be teaching the course this fall alongside hip-hop scholar Dr. Melva K. Williams.

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

"I'm excited to share my experiences and whatever resources or information I have that can be an asset for the future," TIP said of his new role as a professor. "Drugs have existed for as long as humans have been on earth and music has existed for quite some time as well. The commonality that threads the two together is what makes trap music a dominant force in culture today."

T.I. has given the world a more comprehensive look at trap music's foundation and influence with the Trap Music Museum. However, he explained that the Business Of Trap Music course will look at the lifestyle that came with trap music, how it was influenced by Atlanta's OGs and eventually, turned into a cultural phenomenon. He did, however, double down on the fact that he invented trap music and opened the doors for the Gucci Manes and the Jeezys of the world. 

"My intention was to take my lifestyle and turn that into a philosophical presentation of music, so other people going through similar experiences wouldn't feel alone or alienated," the Grand Hustle boss explains. "When we were coming up, the only artists coming from Atlanta was OutKast, Goodie Mob, and booty-shaking music. The first person to do it is always going to have the hardest time. After me, it was much easier for Jeezy and Gucci [Mane] to be accepted."