Aside from music, T.I. is also pretty well known for his unfiltered commentary, regardless for whether his opinion was asked for or not. Social media is typically where he's gone to chime in on trending topics, whatever it may be. However, whenever T.I. speaks, people pay attention. Most recently, the rapper chimed in on some bars and rated them on a scale of 1 to 4.

T.I. was the most recent guest on BET's "Rate The Bars" segment where rappers read anonymous lyrics and grade them from an unbiased perspective. T.I. took the hot seat this time around and was asked to chime in on several rappers including some of his own artists. The rapper read lyrics of Boosie, Young Dro, Jeezy as well as Iggy Azalea and 2Pac. However, the confusing part of all of this is that Pac's bars got a significantly lower rating than Azalea.

T.I. read a few bars from Tupac's "Something Wicked."

Attackin' the packs, I'm kickin' the facts for stacks to rap
And those that max, relax and let the blacks get jacks
I'm gettin' taxed, my packs is packed with angry blacks

T.I. concluded that the bars were only worthy on a 1 on a scale of 4. "I gave it a one because, you know. 'Rat, cat, dog, fog, run, fun'... I'm done." Mind you, he's had some high praises for Pac in the past so it's definitely a bit weird.

He later rated Iggy Azalea's bars on "Switch." Tip ended up giving Iggy a 2.5 on that scale just based off the fact that she "rhymes and it's talking about things." Iggy used to be signed to Tip in the past but since their falling out, it's not surprising that he gave her a rating that low. What is shocking is that Pac only got a one. 

In addition to these artists, he also rated some of his own bars on "King Of The South" with a 3.5 while giving the highest rating during the segment to B.o.B on "E.T." with a four. 

Check the whole video below.