Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the greatest men to have ever lived. His words have been quoted by millions with his "I Have A Dream" speech remaining as one of the most powerful statements to this day. 50 years ago to the date, the civil rights leader was fatally assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, marking one of the most tragic moments in American history. His memory lives on as, half a century later, he is remembered on the day of his passing. Members of the rap community have spoken out in support of Dr. King's message, with the latest being T.I. who reposted one of King's speeches on his Instagram page.

Noting the pertinence of the civil rights movement, Tip began, "My eyes have seen the glory..." He continued by noting that MLK's legacy still has more to provide in terms of the civil rights movement, remarking, "50yrs since Dr.King passed on to his next mission & still so much of his dream has yet to be fulfilled. But thanks to him & his many sacrifices we’ve come a long way. Rest in Power Dr.King!!! Thank You and Your Family for going hard for all of US!!!"

T.I.'s message is heartfelt and accurate on many levels. Dr. King's message has been broadcasted throughout the last 50 years to improve rights for people of color around the world. Yet, there remains much to be learned from his teachings. Check out the full post below to watch the repost of MLK's speech.