Boosie Badazz must hold some sort of record when it comes to getting banned from Instagram.

After head of Instagram Adam Mosseri explained that Boosie had been permanently banned for displaying nudity on his profile and had simply received too many strikes to keep his account active, the Baton Rouge rapper called it "f**kin' racism" and pleaded with IG to give his official account, boasting 10.5 million followers back so he could, "feed (his) family some more." 

Mosseri and the authorities at Instagram didn't budge and Boosie was forced to create an alternate account but, after the platform found the new account as a result of the "Wipe Me Down" rapper promoting his new movie, My Struggle, Boosie was suspended once again.

Taking to Twitter to explain that his "IG was taken for nothing again. They must have found out I have a film that I'm promoting. Please continue to buy my film despite this move to stop the success of My Struggle. Y'all all I got against these powerful people," Boosie redirected his pleas for support to his fans and apparently T.I. was moved by that call to action. 

Posting on his own Instagram page that he couldn't understand why Instagram kept suspending Boosie, the Atlanta rapper made a couple bold claims about Boosie and his place as a representative of the culture. 

"But why Dey keep f**kin wit woe?," questioned T.I. "Can't they see The culture has spoken & has appointed him as our Official Representative of Cultural Authenticity??? Disrespect to him is disrespect to US!! #FreeDaRep #StopBullyingBoosie

It's no surprise that T.I. is behind Boosie in his battle against Instagram. Earlier this year, Boosie stood firmly behind T.I. in the face of accusations he and his wife Tiny drugged and sexually assaulted a woman, and the two rappers teamed up against Lil Nas X after the Montero rapper's album rollout bothered them to the point of disbelief. 

The validity of T.I.'s claims that Boosie is a cultural representative are up in the air but based on the buzz constantly surrounding his name and his claims that he pocketed almost $1M on his movie's release date, it is clear that his supporters always make sure to keep him in the conversation. 

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