Tip Harris has solidified himself as hip-hop's eloquent spokesman. We saw as much first hand while working on our most recent Digital Cover Story and Documentary REVELATIONS. Now, it would appear he's gearing up for another venture, albeit one of mysterious origin. Taking to his various social media platforms, T.I. shared a promotional image from something titled "Expeditiously," a word he helped popularize whilst hitting Kodak Blackwith one of his signature dad-tier lectures. From that moment, the word took on a life of its own, one that T.I. seems more than willing to embrace.

Now, dapper and ready for business, T.I. has officially unveiled his next endeavor, appropriately christened "ExpediTIously." Given the scarcity of information, it's unclear whether we're looking at an upcoming single, album, documentary, or book - it could be all of the above, or none of the above. Yet whatever it is, Tip seems excited about the possibilities. "Now THIS Shit aughta be interesting," he writes, in the accompanying caption.

Whatever "ExpediTIously" may prove to be, we're looking forward to it. Last year's The Dime Trap was solid proof that Tip hasn't lost his touch, and the storied king of the South still has something to say. You hyped for this?