TI. passed by The Breakfast Club Friday to talk about his future plans and his label artist Iggy Azalea. When DJ Envy asked the Atlanta rapper, businessman and social activist whether the Australian showstopper was still signed to his label, he said "yes." Though it seems like the two have worked separately for quite some time.

"She doing as good as Iggy do," he said when Envy asked how she was. "She working. One thing I learned, man, is not to put no time on what she’s trying to do. I just let her move, man. In the Hustle Gang, we have a core group and an extended family. And she’s extended family."

In 2015, Tip baffled Iggy when he said on record that he was "sick of "blocking bullets" for her after allegations of cultural appropriation were brought up against her. Up until then, she said she thought they were on amicable terms and deplored that Tip would go on radio to discuss personal issues.

"She's got her own plans," he said to Charlamagne. "I'm not holding my plans up waiting on her. I'm not trying to rush her plans to suit mine. Let her do what she do. If it ceases to be good for business, then she'll feel that in her pocket. And that will be the lesson."