TI has been known to drop jewels, but this time it might to cost him big. According to Bossip, Tip opened an account with jewelers Aydin & Co, and eventually racked up a substantial bill after buying chains for seemingly every occasion. His shopping list included, among other trinkets, "$9,500 diamond hoop earrings, a 48-carat diamond chain, two $10,000 custom-made dog tags, a $24,500 women’s diamond bracelet, a $30,000 blue diamond watch, and a $13,500 men’s wedding band." The lawsuit stemmed from TI ceasing all payments, instead opting to ignore the debt he incurred. 

Now, Aydin & Co is suing TI, who has apparently been countering by stalling with legal smoke and mirrors. Tip claimed a statute of limitations on all items copped prior to 2011, having never received any bills or written confirmations of transaction. His affidavit stated that the rapper would receive product from the jewelers, and he would only negotiate a price on items he liked. 

Aydin & Co intends to present their case before a jury. TI's camp has yet to comment further.