In a series of videos that surfaced Thursday on social media, T.I. got in an argument with a fan who wouldn't go away after taking multiple selfies with the superstar rapper. T.I., who was pumping gas in his SUV at a filling station, asked the "grown-ass man" to give him his "personal space."

"You leaning on my truck, you getting way too comfortable," Tip told the older gentleman. The argument got heated as the fan protested that it was his money paying for the ATL legend's vehicle. "It's my money not yours," the rapper replied.

Other people off camera started shouting "security" when T.I. reached for his cellphone and made a call. Some bystanders though, including the person who uploaded the video online, defended the "Dope Game" spitter. Despite the kerfuffle, he still took time to take photos with a young fan at the gas station.