A few months ago, T.I.'s daughter Deyjah Harris sent a message to any men that were sliding into her inbox. She said that just because she's turning eighteen this year, it doesn't mean that it's okay for "grown ass men" to be hitting her up all thirsty in the DMs. Her birthday month has come around and the young woman has officially turned eighteen. Her birthday was last week but her big blowout party will be taking place tomorrow. For her invitations, she recreated a magazine cover with a few different pictures of herself, wowing all of her friends and even leaving her dad speechless.

Tip posted a series of photos of his daughter, telling everybody that he's amazed at her growth thus far. "Such a beauty to behold," said the rapper about his baby girl before sharing two more shots, going "speechless" over her elegance. 

T.I. has clapped back at the dudes who publicly lust over his teenage daughter so you might want to stay away from the comments section if you were planning on saying something about how great Deyjah looks. Take a look at her gallery below. Her birthday celebration will take place tomorrow night from 9PM to 1AM. Happy birthday, Deyjah!