T.I. and Will Smith go way back. In 2010 Tip, born Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr., was sent to jail for probation violation and once he was released he claimed that the Men In Black actor contacted President Obama to help get him out. Even before that, T.I.'s debut acting gig in ATL was brought to life thanks to Will who demanded T.I. be the star. 

So with all combined, and more, it only makes sense that Tip penned a few touching words about his friend Will in light of his 50th birthday. 

"Thanx for the invite to jump out that helicopter with you over the Grand Canyon. Hate I couldn’t make it (Full disclosure I don’t really hate it that much...😉). But I’ll always value your contributions to the culture and your poignant insight and perspectives on life and the world as we “think” we know it," he wrote alongside a photo of the two.

"Thanx for standing up for me and telling WB pictures that you wouldn’t shoot ATL without me as the star!!! Back when I was just an arrogant Lil hot headed kid from Bankhead who didn’t even know if He wanted to act for real... U kinda forced my hand and made me take it seriously. I Thank You for that."