As of late, T.I. has upped his criticism of law enforcement authorities, comparing mugshots of convicted men of differing races and commenting on the NFL's new anthem policy. After his own arrest when trying to enter his gated neighborhood, T.I. seems to be questioning the authorities more than usual as one scroll down his Instagram page reveals a flurry of politically-minded posts. While the rapper and activist attempts to bring people together to realize the injustice occurring on a daily basis, Tip has flipped the script, sharing a video of a white woman getting beat down on the beach for a charge related to alcohol, noting that it can happen to anybody as he tries to "unite" America.

Much of Tip's interest revolves around the current state of the country, using his platform to bring light to police violence and controversial topics within the world of politics. Today, the rapper posted footage of a woman being detained for underage drinking on the beach. The clip shows an officer holding the woman down after she allegedly resists arrest, striking her in the back of the head as another holds down her legs. The video of the 20-year-old woman went viral on Twitter as she was reportedly being questioned for underage drinking. According to, the woman in the video is Emily Weinman, who claims that she passed a breathalyzer test after the beatdown.

Writing that the cops in question are "cowards," T.I. added, "Maybe now that we see it can happen to anyone of any color we’ll be ready to unite,accept that this isn’t a “minority’s” Problem... ITS AN AMERICAN PROBLEM!!! America YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!" What do you think of T.I.'s statement on the incident?