Since its inception, hip hop has been criticized for its lyrical content. Whether a rapper is delivering rhymes about street life, social consciousness, gang banging, or sex and relationships, hip hop culture has been a target for those that say the genre is swimming in misogyny and vulgarity. Nevertheless, hip hop has become a leading force in music and influences nearly every aspect of the entertainment industry. In a recent episode of ExpediTIously, T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris chatted about lyrics and whether or not they believed that music has impacted how people view relationships and marriage.

T.I. Tiny Expeditiously Podcast
Jason Merritt/TERM / Staff / Getty Images

Tiny suggested that the lyrical content doesn't lean toward positive outlooks on relationships. "I think yeah it can be a distraction because, you know, there’s a lot of hoes and b*tches." T.I. jokingly asked, "What do hoes and b*tches have to do with anything?" Tiny responded, "I'm saying, in the songs, like...there’s no real love in the songs.”

T.I. doesn't believe that a global audience desire that content. “Y’all don’t wanna hear that sh*t." Tiny lets him know that she, indeed, does want to hear it. "Y'all don't want to hear that sh*t. Listen, man, I be seeing more motherf*ckers, more girls sing the most derogatory records.” Tiny added, “That's what I'm saying. Everybody’s getting away from the love, the music is f*cking everybody up.”

The rapper said that no one is trying to create music that there isn't a global market for. "The way that [women] gravitate to—and I would also add that you say you want a certain type of man, but you continuously allow yourself to be attracted to the antithesis." What are your thoughts on this one?