Meek Mill's current prison stint and the potentially wrongful sentencing levied by judge Genece Brinkley have been a big story that has begun to draw some major attention outside of solely the hip-hop community. With the FBI launching an investigation into the legalities of Brinkley's conduct and Meek's legal team taking steps to have the judge remove herself entirely from the case, there has been a groundswell of action to try and right the situation that the Philly native current finds himself in. However, it was the rally, spearheaded by MMG head honcho Rick Ross, in Mill's hometown that got at least one veteran rapper a little misty-eyed.

Taking to his official Instagram page to share some footage from the Meek Mill rally that was held in Philadelphia on Monday (November 13th), T.I. claimed that the images and the spirit of the people therein made him more than a little emotional. "Now I ain't soft or 'emo' by far but this s**t brought tears to my eyes for so many reasons," the trap legend began. "1. Because I know that my lil bro don't deserve what he going through right now. He's changed so much, done everything in his power to prevent this & should be released immediately." However, the thing that impacted Tip even more was the showing of support from Mill's fans, many of whom came from out of state to make their voices heard. 

"THIS is the unity,love,& support so many of our brothers behind the walls need desperately," he continued. "But now today because of Lil bro they'll get a glimpse of what it feels like & that HOPE will inspire them to push forward to receive they're moment in the sun. Just one more of the MANY WAYS my lil bro is creating change & unity within His community. THIS IS STRONG💪🏽!!!"

Rick Ross echoed similar sentiments during his appearance at the rally, grabbing the mic and telling all those who turned up that he was there "for one reason, to promote my brother Meek Mill. I want y’all to understand that, if it takes Meek Mill to draw this attention, then we’re gonna use Meek Mill to draw this attention, and it’s gonna speak for so many others.”