This weekend, it was reported that a shooting occurred at a Pittsburgh synagogue, leaving eleven people murdered. This was one of the deadliest attacks on the Jewish community in the last decade and Donald Trump thought it would be appropriate to play "Happy" during one of his public speeches. The owner of the song, Pharrell Williams, was not pleased at all that his track would be used after an act of terrorism affected the lives of so many people. He ended up sending a cease and desist letter to the President to halt any future use of his music during his rallies, which has prompted his peers to speak out in support of the legendary producer and artist.

T.I. read about the news, taking to Instagram to share his opinion on Pharrell taking legal action. He channelled Denzel Washington, praising Williams for taking action on what he believes was right. Tip wrote, "'My Ni**a' - Denzel voice, Expected Nothing Less from Big Bro." The performer has always gotten political on his social platforms, encouraging others to be more public about causes they believe in. It's not surprising to see him speaking up here.

Donald Trump has not personally commented on the cease and desist letter. Take a look at Tip's post below.