You don't need to know T.I. personally to know that he's definitely one person who likes to debate. Anyone who presents him an argument will be countered immediately. Truthfully, it's pretty funny to watch him go in on right-wing pundits, such as Candace Owens who he ripped into at the REVOLT Summit Panel. 

Owens isn't the only right-wing figure to get into a heated debate with T.I.. The rapper's latest guest on ExpediTIously was none other than Info Wars host Alex Jones. The two definitely don't sit on the same end of the political spectrum and it's hard to imagine them seeing eye to eye on many subjects. 

The topic of discussion for the latest episode of the rapper's podcast was Jones' favorite person in the world and Tip's least favorite person -- Donald J. Trump. As the two discussed their personal feelings towards the president, Alex Jones unironically utters the words, "Trump's always trying to unify." The conversation heated up at that point and Tip took control of the conversation from there. Tip continued to confront Jones for defending Trump despite the current president's attitude towards the minority groups, specifically African-American and Latin communities in America.

"I appreciate the information that you put out there but it seems as though, you speak from a very, one-sided perspective," Tip told Jones. "No, that's the media," Jones rebutted.

Peep the entire interview below.