T.I. was one of a few performers at 2pac's induction into the Rock and Rol Hall Of Fame, and he decided to go all out with his tribute. The Atlanta rapper wore the same outfit Pac donned alongside Suge Knight and Snoop Dogg on the cover of The New York Times Magazine, but fans were split on whether the homage was effective. While some Twitter users defended his choice of outfit, others were quick to crack jokes.

T.I. caught wind of the conversation around his clothing choice, and has shared a response on Instagram.

"Guess you just had to be there.... Y'all young, forever commentating, over-opinionated muuuufuckaz got shit to say ALWAYS," he wrote, bringing up Rich Homie Quan's flubbed Biggie tribute as a counterpoint. "When the Biggie shit went left because a muuuufucka from YALL Generation forgot the words y'all had a fuckin FIT!!! Now some Real ni66az wit Real love in they hearts get up & dedicate themselves to honor the legacy of a True American HipHop Rock&Roll Legend, that would make Him & His Family Proud ... It was an amazing night to remember. A real G was inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall Of Fame,& Everybody who was alive during this Era was satisfied. And THATS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!"

Read T.I.'s full comments below.

Watch a clip of T.I. performing "Keep Ya Head Up" at the event. Convinced yet?