After being called out by the couple who were asked to leave an Atlanta restaurant for wearing sneakers, T.I. has responded to their complaints. Last week, William Johnson was with his wife at Umi restaurant when management told them they couldn't dine there because he was wearing sneakers. Johnson, a Black man, wanted to know why he was being asked to leave when a white woman wearing similar shows was allowed to stay. T.I. heard about the incident and suggested that the restaurant should be boycotted, but after meeting with the owners of Umi and filming their conversation, the rapper accepted their apology and the issue seemed as if it was over.

However, Johnson came forward with a video of his own, telling T.I. it wasn't his place to speak on his behalf, especially considering T.I. didn't reach out to Johnson or his family. T.I. responded to Johnson's issues and uploaded a video where he denied the claims that he knew the owners of Umi personally while also getting fired up at Johnson himself. The rapper said he got Johnson's number from Umi's owners and he did speak with Johnson, so he doesn't understand why that video was released. "I just met you two seconds ago!" T.I. said in the clip. He also claimed that he offered to go on Live with Johnson but was denied, only to find out that Johson went Live later with these accusations.

"FOH Hardest sh*t about it all is having to fight with, the same people we out here fighting for!!!" T.I. wrote in the caption to his video. "Sh*ts f*ckin exhausting!!! I CANT WAIT for someone else to take the wheel. But just in case you ain't noticed... AINT NOBODY in no hurry to step in so... like it or not... I'm da best n*gga you got. Best to just find ways to work together." Check out T.I.'s video below.