Floyd Mayweather's caught a lot of flack over the past few days over his stance on the Gucci boycott. His initial response made it seem like he was just salty over the lack of support of The Money Team brand but after T.I. and 50 Cent roasted him to death, he shared a statement explaining his stance. Although he's had beef with T.I. in the past, Jay Bling, DJ for the Money Team, claimed the ATL rapper's feud with the boxer is over Tiny, not Gucci. 

T.I. made it clear that he doesn't have beef with Mayweather over Tiny. The rapper explained that when it comes to a personal issue with Floyd, he isn't afraid to pull up again, referencing their highly publicized brawl at Fatburger in Vegas in 2014. 

"I said what I said and I mean what I said," T.I. stated about his diss track, "Fuck N***a" which featured a picture of Floyd in the blackface Gucci sweater. "When I pulled up on you, it had shit to do her. It had to do with me. You and me had an agreement. We had a discussion. You went against that, I pulled up. I ain't make no song about it. I pulled up. So if I had a problem still, guess what I do? I'd pull up again."

Peep the video below.