Former The View co-host Raven-Symoné has been catching some heat for sharing an Instagram post, which essentially put some of the game's most inspiring and prolific rappers on blast. It all started when an image from the Roc Nation Brunch was floating around, and Speech, of the hip-hop group Arrested Development wrote a lengthy post, essentially calling out the numerous rappers involved. While Symoné did not pen the sentiment herself, she did seem to co-sign Speech's original message, which read:

“A group of so-called ‘successful’ Black men (minus [DJ Khaled] racially) who became rich and famous from perpetuating the worst Black stereotypes to the ears and eyes of the whole planet like drug dealing, pimping, murdering other Black men and disrespecting Black women.”

And, in the post's caption:

"I listen to many of these brothers art and I respect certain things about them. But it is imperative that we don’t lose sight of the simple truth - these men were CONGRATULATED by a white supremacist culture for degrading black men and women, portraying us as disposable as a cockroach within their lyrics. They taught and glorified the drug, pimp, prostitution, stripper and gang game, and led many impressionable people down a path that they have paid heavily for, while these “successful dudes got paid! This is not a Diss, it’s a reminder, that all that glitters ain’t gold! True black power is not this, its despite this!"

Raven went on to respond with a few agreeable emojis, and was immediately hit with some backlash from the internet at large. Not only did her post land her Charlamagne's infamous "Donkey Of The Day," but it also caught the attention of T.I, who happened to be posing in the original picture.

Never one to miss out on a good social media tongue lashing, Troubleman posted an Oscar-Wilde-citing response to Raven's shade, tagging the former Disney star and writing "our sins ain’t no greater than yours ma’am. The air must be thin as hell up there on that high horse you sittin on. Somebody please let me know...WTF up wit shawty?"