T.I. has been exhibiting fatherly characteristics of late. We recently saw The Dime Trap veteran administer a dad-tier rant to Bow Wow, temporarily reverting him back to Lil Bow Wow in the process. Aside from doling out character-building L's, Tip has also watched the Trap Music movement blossom with a noted sense of pride. In the wake of a reunion between 2 Chainz and Future, which ultimately culminated in the "hardest song in the world" being recorded, Tip couldn't help but express his happiness.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

While that's a lofty claim to be sure, we must consider the narrative surrounding the two Atlanta legends. For reasons unknown, many wondered whether Tity and Future had beef, or at the very least, mild disdain for one another. Yesterday, 2 Chainz cleared the air on that particular point. "People thought me and Bru had a problem with each other which is the farthest to thing from the truth," he explained. "We have some the same street connections and spoke alot behind closed doors !"

Naturally, all this was enough to make Tip beam. Taking a moment to celebrate the reunion and forthcoming single, T.I. declared this a historical day in hip-hop; not quite a holiday, but monumental nevertheless. For more wisdom from Tip, be sure to check out the trailer to our upcoming DIGITAL COVER STORY and Documentary after the photo!