With The Dime Trap on the way, T.I. graced the Everyday Struggle crew with his presence. While Tip's tenth studio album was certainly covered, the current events nature of the series meant Kanye West talk was inevitably on the horizon. As always, T.I. broached the subject with poise, remaining objective yet decidedly against the notion of "cancel culture." 

"He's extremely ambitious," says Tip. "I think that cancelling people is counterproductive. As humans, we're all fallible. We all fall short at times. I just don't think throwing people or things away is the answer to our problems. However, I think Kanye gotta be mindful of some of the things he say, although what I think don't matter. He gon' do what he gon' do anyway. Everything that come to his mind don't have to come out his mouth." 

Tip goes on to suggest that TMZ brings out the worst in Yeezy, and the crew ponder why Kanye continuously visits the media outlet. Tip does defend some of "Alien Ye's" recent claims, describing his thirteenth amendment commentary as "poignant." He goes further, explaining that Ye will "find a small blurb of information and then he'll like, be so inspired and so passionate about it, he'll go and create an entire subject matter over the next course of a week or two, over something that he only read a blurb about."

T.I. also reflects on Ye's "arrogant ambition," particularly with regards to his desire to unite Donald Trump and Colin Kaepernick. Yet he's not quite ready to discount Yeezy's sheer force of will. "I can't tell him what he can't do," laughs Tip, "I'm the same one who told him 'Jesus Walks' was crazy." He does, however, suggest a possible solution: "my brother just needs some soul food, some homeboys, and some information." 

Peep the full video below, and be sure to keep an eye out for The Dime Trap, dropping this Friday.