They just took a romantic vacation to celebrate Tiny's 40th birthday, and now T.I. and his wife are raising a glass in honor of their anniversary. The hip hop couple has weathered many storms throughout the years—some played out in the blogs in real-time. There have been rumors, and admissions, of infidelities and broken trust, and while T.I. and Tiny were close to calling it quits on their marriage, the longtime couple has proven that love prevails. 

T.I., Tiny
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

On Instagram, T.I. shared a lengthy tribute to his wife for their "Dime Day." The rapper stated, "Our journey has been an adventurous one & our way may not work for everybody,but 🖕🏽dem cause it works for US😍‼️ We've seen so many couples...that we both thought had such perfect,exemplary relationships break up,fold & throw in the towel🤷🏽‍♂️. Seen em come... watched em fail(unfortunately😪)& learned that nobody has the blueprints to a perfect marriage nor do they have a gps to longevity."

T.I. added that they are taking things day by day just like everyone else, continuing to figure out how to make a healthy marriage work. "I know you've endured some circumstantial unpleasantries on this ride & so have I... but struggles,flaws & all I wouldn't trade our ride for the world‼️" he added. "Cause it produced the pain that brought US understanding (Alexa play Xscape😉) & with no struggle there's no progress... To be honest...I'd rather struggle with you,than shine effortlessly with anyone else... I said all that to say I love you... now even more than I did the day we said "I do" & will continue to do so until my time is UP(even after)."

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