T.I. Pays For His Sins In "The Amazing Mr. F*ck Up"

Karlton Jahmal
December 10, 2018 23:00

T.I. can admit when he's messed up.

T.I.'s latest album Dime Trap brought fans even more maturity from the veteran rapper. T.I. has long ascended to the status of an OG by this point. Still, he was able to make music that was both appropriate for his age and contemporary for the youth. "The Amazing Mr. F*ck Up" is one of the songs on Dime Trap where T.I. fully embraces his O.G. status. He speaks from the perspective of a man that has wronged a woman before, and has learned from his mistakes. On "The Amazing Mr. F*ck Up," T.I. walks listeners through his mess up, his inner thoughts, and his lessons learned. 

The visuals for "The Amazing Mr. F*ck Up" begin with T.I. sitting among friends. As he explains his drama, flashbacks give viewers a vision of all the ways T.I. dropped the ball. He didn't show his lady the love she deserved, and in the end, she leaves him for another man. Tough luck T.I.P.

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