T.I. has accepted a plea deal that requires him to pay a fine for cursing in a gated community of Georgia. The Atlanta native has paid 300$ in exchange for his being relieved from other charges stemming from an incident that occurred in May. Reports to that end were issued last week. Official confirmation of the dropped charges has been received since.

As we previously reported, was charged with disorderly conduct and public drunkenness after engaging in a fight with a security guard on May 16.
police report from Henry County stated that T.I. was intoxicated and began to confront James while using “vulgar, profane, lout and unbecoming language.” This profanity, which included T.I. asking James to exit his guard shack to confront him, led to three counts of disorderly conduct.

By paying the fine for cursing out loud, in public, the rapper will avoid facing legal repercussions for the other, more severe charges. The counts of disorderly conduct have been dropped last Thursday on reception of the 300$. 

The rapper, supported by his lawyer, still claims to be innocent of all charges. The defendant has agreed to pay the somewhat negligible fine anyway, to simply “put this matter to bed.”