It's been a minute, but a new T.I. the album is nearly upon us. Naturally, the rapper has embarked on a press run, taking some time to visit The Breakfast Club. As per usual, Tip's wisdom extends a variety of topics. Given the personal nature of his recent single "The Amazing Mr. Fuck Up," it's clear that Tip has reached the coveted OG status, able to reflect on his career with a tangible sense of experience. As such, Tip no longer feels tethered by expectations of record sales. "We just want to be considered dope," he explains. "The money gon' come. I've made enough money to know how to let it make me more money. We all in this shit for a certain level of success, a measure of acknowledgment."  

There's also an interesting moment in which T.I. admits he actually passed on signing Drake (36 minutes in), during what he describes as a "sleepwalking" phase of his career. When inquired about his reasoning, T.I's response speaks volumes. "It was Drake before the beard," he replies. "Bare-faced Drake, you know what I'm saying? It just hadn't caught all the way up yet. That type of music, that sound of music, the emo sound. It wasn't necessarily prevalent at the time. I didn't see the curve." Charlamagne proceeds to bring up a rumor of Drake getting urinated on, prompting T.I to recuse himself from the discussion. Despite the goofy segue, it's interesting to imagine an alternate timeline in which Drake signed with Tip, rather than Weezy.

As per usual, T.I. provides an insightful perspective on a variety of topics, living up to his reputation as a "Southern Gentleman." Peep the full interview below.