The lead-up to Kanye West's most recent album Ye was interesting to say the least. While he didn’t necessarily do a large amount of press, Kanye doesn’t really need to at this point of his career. When he announces that he is dropping, people take notice. Such was the case when Yeezy logged onto Twitter to state he was taking over the entire month of June with five album releases. The plan may have originally been to take over the entire year but, alas, Kanye limited himself to his work on a measly handful of projects. Two songs released shortly after his controversial TMZ Live rant about slavery, and just before his album released with “Lift Yourself” and “Ye Vs. The People.”

The latter of the two singles featured no genius “poopity scoop” lyrics but it did feature Tip going back and forth with Yeezy about his views on Donald Trump and his “slavery was a choice” comments. In hindsight, we should be thanking T.I. for giving the “New Slaves” artist an opportunity to redeem himself after some of his fans claimed he was “canceled.” Exclusively speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Tip revealed where his relationship stands with Kanye right now and what he thinks about Ye actually coming through and releasing the potentially divisive song.

Much of the interview was focused on Tip’s film roles but when touching on “Ye Vs. The People,” the Atlanta legend said he and Ye have a “high level of respect for another” before revealing that he didn’t think the superstar would actually drop the song.

T.I. begins speaking about Kanye at the 8:36 mark. Check out the video below.