Iggy Azalea has always been pretty vocal towards her haters on social media, but the last few months have certainly spawned more feuds than usual for the Australian rapper. Iggy's gone head-to-head with the similarly filter-less Azealea Banks, HOT 97's resident troll Ebro Darden, and most recently clothing brand Steve Madden over the last little while, with the rapper's constant controversies seeming to take precedence over her music. Azalea's mentor, T.I. spoke with TMZ about his artist's recent Twitter activity, suggesting the "Fancy" star worry more about her talents than her naysayers.

"Absolutely not," Tip told TMZ when asked if Iggy should bother engaging with detractors on Twitter. "I think she should focus on what got her here. That's her music, her performing, and continue to just present her talents to the world."

"It's just like asking Tom Brady if he should be commenting on deflate-gate," he continued. "He should be worried about the big game on Sunday. 

Speaking of big games, the Grammys are on their way, and Azalea is nominated in plenty of categories, including rap album of the year. While she's likely getting her head in the game for the big event, she'll likely be presented with a few Twitter battles after the event depending on the results.