T.I. is an absolute legend in the city of Atlanta. Much like 2 Chainz's next album title, so many young men choose to either rap or go to the league. While Tip chose to rap to become a staple in the culture, Trae Young flourished in the game of basketball, impressing NBA scouts as he started each of his 32 games with the Oklahoma Sooners last year. Earning himself lofty comparisons to some of the best point guards in the game, Trae Young has a lot to offer the Atlanta Hawks as he inches toward his first season in the NBA.

Subject of an early draft night trade with the Mavericks for Luka Doncic, Trae Young was drafted fifth for the Atlanta Hawks. As Summer League nears, Young is likely getting accustomed to his new home in Atlanta, learning about the hotspots, the best restaurants, and tourist attractions. If it's up to T.I. though, Trae Young will not be stepping foot into famed Atlanta strip club Magic City. TMZ caught up with Tip at the airport to gauge his opinion of his home team's latest draft pick. He seems excited to see how Trae will progress as a player after a stellar year with the Sooners but he did offer one piece of advice to the 19-year-old. "We just gotta keep him out of Magic City," laughed T.I. before stating he will do his best to keep the baller out of trouble.

Being the legendary strip club that it is, it will likely be difficult for Trae to avoid Magic City for the entirety of his first year in the league but if he wants to stay on Tip's good side, he should oblige.