Early reports indicate that T.I.'s new album Dime Trap is at the core, centered on his "adult growth spurt," and nothing else. The refreshing middle-aged sensibility that T.I. displays on Dime Trap is actually quite integral to his shelf life as a cult figure. In proving himself wiser with every fleeting moment, T.I. has earned the right to present Dime Trap as a goal-seeking, didactic project. Even as the music inferences start to feel dated, in doing so T.I. has found another purpose to stick around, for everyone's benefit.

T.I. explained his objectives, in a short-winded conversation with TMZ. The above video offers a simple yet effective summative assessment of the recording process, of which he drew inspiration from "real-life experiences -- good and bad," and took heed of what critics were saying in the years leading up to this very point.

"The album is about all of my experiences and all of the things that led to me learning the lessons that I need to grow and gain the insight that I have right now, in this moment," said T.I. rather humbly.

Dime Trap can be listened to right here. The project includes contributions from the likes of Teyana Taylor, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and Meek Mill, with a special dignitary role reserved for Dave Chapelle, throughout the proceedings.