This has been a busy week in the media for T.I. He came under scrutiny from Nicki Minaj fans for his top 50 list of best rappers conversation on his podcast and faced criticism for his comments on how Iggy Azalea was the "tarnish of [his] legacy." In not-so-controversial news, the self-proclaimed King of the South dropped his surprise single "Sabotage," and his Netflix show Rhythm & Flow premiered on Wednesday. T.I. has been making the press rounds to help promote his new series, and recently he caught up with Radio One Digital in Atlanta.

While there, T.I. was asked to once again rate rappers by sharing who he would choose to be on his Mt. Rushmore of ATL artists. "That's difficult," he began. "First of all, in school, we covered this. I don't know how many of y'all were there that day, but we covered this. Like, fact and opinion. Fact is indisputable. Two plus two is four all day. Ain't no reason to argue about that. Whereas this is such a high level of opinion, like...I feel like my opinion is my opinion. It's unique within my thoughts, preferences, and my mindset. I feel like when you do lists and pick favorites, it just open the floor up for so much rhetoric. So much peanut gallery commentary. I don't really like to do it." Yet, he quickly followed that comment by saying, "But I'm up there!"

He continued, "I feel like it's me, Andre 3000, Big Boi... And what are we talking about? Are we talking about influence? Lyricism? Record sales? Longevity? Diversity? Impact?" After receiving an explanation, T.I. offered up a full answer. "All right. I say Big, Dre, me, Jeezy, Future, 2 Chainz, and Gucci [Mane]. And [Young] Thug. And the Migos." Do you agree?