In the wake of the tragic Las Vegas shooting, the gun control debate has inevitably reopened. Generally, the topic tends to emerge after every mass shooting, pitting Republicans and Democrats against one another on the political sphere. And, as is so often the case these days, artists and entertainers tend to enter the conversation, using their extensive platforms to share their own personal view on the matter. As you probably know, T.I. is no stranger to sociopolitical discourse, having voiced strong opinions on police brutality, Black Lives Matter, and various divisive issues. Now, TIP has delivered his own take on the ongoing gun control debate, and it's bound to get people talking.

TMZ caught TIP as he was heading to his car, and pressed him for his thoughts on gun control. T.I. seemed to be in a bit of a rush, but he ultimately delivered a bit of food for thought on the matter. When asked if gun laws should be reformed so that American citizens couldn't own assault rifles, TI responded by saying "to me man, as long as the criminals have em', I think citizens should be able to have em'." While the response comes off as a little jaded, T.I. does elaborate on a possible solution: "I think there should be, like, mental evaluations. The same for people running for president, by the way," he concludes, with a smirk.

While it wouldn't be a T.I. knowledge drop without a little shot at Trump, his equal opportunity stance on gun control does open some interesting doors. Would everybody running around packing weapons straight out of Grand Theft Auto ultimately decrease the number of shootings? However, T.I. is clearly a fan of the heavy artillery; in 2007, T.I.P was arrested for possession of illegal firearms, including unlicensed machine guns and silencers.

What do ya'll think of TIP's comments?