T.I. is known to have a very fiery personality. The rapper nicknamed Troubleman recently showed his passionate side in a string of open letters to Donald Trump and The United States of America. 

Now it appears that last night a fan got a taste of that same passion when he got a little too close to the rapper during one of his tour stops in Canada. In a video that surfaced from the rapper's show in Manitoba last night, T.I. is performing "Whatever You Like" and everything is going great until a male fan reaches up and grabs his ass. The rapper proceeds to stop the show and set this guy straight. And when I say set him straight, I mean that T.I. gave this guy a pretty profane mouthful, and we all know how capable the Grand Hustle Records CEO is of doing so due to his recent Instagram rant calling out Steve Harvey and Kanye West.

You can check out the video below in addition to a more lighthearted video of the rapper actually enjoying his "Us Or Else" Canada tour.