T.I.'s was smart to get his feet wet as a reality TV star before making the jump to the Big Screen. Whether or not T.I. retakes his given name as a SAG-sanctioned actor remains to be seen. One thing's for certain though, Mr. Harris' next acting gig places him in the starring role. 

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

According to the Hollywood Reporter, T.I. will be teaming up director Matty Rich for a thriller titled Caller 100. Matty Rich is best known to movie-going audiences for his 1991 cult hit Straight Out of Brooklyn, a demo reel he shot on a pensioner's budget. Word to your mother, Straight Out of Brooklyn was legitimately the last project Matty Rich wrote and produced before going into hiding.

Rich centered the screenplay around a popular radio personality who becomes infatuated with a woman that calls into his show. The storyline is being pegged as the modern adaptation of 1971's Play Misty for Me starring Clint Westwood who set the benchmark for radio personality possessed by a succubus long before Kelsey Grammer took a stab at it himself.

While this might be T.I.'s first nod in a starring role, as I'd alluded to earlier, Mr. Harris is fast approaching "intermediate" status in his new profession. He played an auxiliary role in the Ant-Man films as the getaway driver for a band of thieves. Not to mention, T.I. and Eddie Murphy just wrapped up the filming for Dolemite Is My Name!, the creationary story behind the iconic Pimp-vigilante supreme of the same name. T.I.'s character hasn't been secret at this stage of the film's rollout.