At the top of the year, we posted on Netflix's announcement of the upcoming docu-series Rapture that documents the movements of some of hip-hop's legends. 

"Way back, when hip-hop culture was in its gestational phase, the powerful message therein didn’t go much further than the five boroughs of New York City. Today, rap music is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and Netflix is the embodiment of the eyes from which she sees,” director Sacha Jenkins previously stated in a press release. “It is a great honor for Mass Appeal to work with Netflix to produce our new series Rapture. We’ve been telling hip-hop hop stories since ’96, and as natives we feel it is our duty to do the movement justice. Rapture is bangin’. Straight up.”

The first trailer we've now gotten our hands on showcases T.I. A.K.A TIP and the rapper's rise to growing wiser throughout some major moments in his career.

"Netflix and Mass Appeal's new series, Rapture, spends time with Tip as he shares his perspective on his craft, and introduces his fans to how he has been motivated to use his influence to make a positive change for all," the description of the trailer reads. 

Watch below.