While T.I. has given us numerous hits throughout his tenure as the self-proclaimed "inventor of trap music," he has also settled into a different role: the voice of the people. His status as such hit peak relevance during the back-and-forth lyrical discourse with Kanye West, appropriately titled "Kanye West Vs. The People." For many, Tip played the voice of reason during Kanye's most overtly political stage, in which "Make America Great Again" hats emerged as a quintessential component to his wardrobe. Clearly, T.I. played a valuable role in spring-boarding ideas off Yeezy, and while "Ye Vs. The People" will probably fail to make any real impact, it served as a reminder of the pair's musical chemistry. 

Though he ultimately went on to play the foil on wax, it appears that Tip originally reached out to Yeezy for a different purpose altogether. The man simply wanted beats. He revealed as such during a sit down with DJ Whoo Kid, where he explained his intentions as follows: "I'm working on an album. So, I was tryna get a beat. I'm tryna work. But, between the time I saw him and the time I was scheduled to go out there all that stuff happened. So, when I got out there I was like 'I kinda gotta talk to you.'"

The conversation in question went on to lead to "Ye Vs The People." We can only hope that Yeezy finds time to send some fire Tip's way. 

[via XXL]