It has been reported that Fabolous and Emily B broke off their long-term relationship this week but right now, there are conflicting stories. Fab seems to be telling folks that they're still together whereas Emily is focused on telling a different story. They're likely still working through their issues and when TMZ jumped the gun by announcing their break-up, the hip-hop legend was unimpressed and decided to fire back with a potential lawsuit. "This is deflamation of character," wrote the rapper online. Coming from out of nowhere though was T.I., who felt a serious need to correct the man's spelling so that his paperwork gets filed correctly.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

"*Defamation bro," adjusted Tip in the comments. Fab was appreciative of the correction, noting that he was so passionate about getting the message out that he didn't check his spelling. "My bad king," said Fab. "I was typing fast & upset. You're the big word king. I shoulda spell checked wit u 1st."

Considering T.I. single-handedly helped add the word "expeditiously" into our vocabularies a few months ago, he can absolutely be considered the big word king. We'll let this one slide for Fab, although it would be pretty freaking hilarious if he did end up suing somebody for "deflamation."