Back in November, Lil Wayne drew the ire of longtime friend T.I. when he spoke ill of the Black Lives Matter movement, flippantly blowing it off during a Dateline interview. At the time, TIP responded with a lengthy Instagram caption, essentially decrying Weezy with some heavy accusations of "coonin'."

In a recent interview with SXSW obtained by Baller Alert, T.I. has revealed that he has not spoken with Wayne since the incident, breaking down the reasoning behind it. 

“Well, um, to answer your first question, I ain’t spoke to lil’ bro. That was probably one of the most difficult responses or one of the most difficult tasks I have been faced with – just like I said earlier with the Donald Trump thing, I was speaking to him but I know that my words weren’t necessarily going to affect him as much as they would the people who were following behind. We can’t allow the fans and followers of lil’ bro to think that ‘Okay, well if he said it and don’t nobody address it, it must be cool. So then I can go ahead and feel like this too.’ But no, then you got a little army of people going around and that’s counterproductive to the movement. I just wanted to let people know, ‘No this ain’t right. This ain’t cool. This ain’t what’s up.’ It wasn’t even in any way for me to attempt to be disrespectful to him but just to let everybody know this ain’t cool.”

While T.I. spoke highly of his relationship with Wayne in the inciting IG post, claiming they shared a decade-long friendship and even a familial bond, the nature of their current bond seems tenuous at best. Ultimately, the pair should hash out their differences in the studio, collaborating rather than feuding.