When allegations against Nelly hit headlines, regarding the rapper raping a woman on his tour bus, T.I. shared a video to his Instagram issuing a warning on false rape allegations. He never mentioned who he was specifically talking about, but it was an easy assumption since it was just a couple days after Nelly was accused. 

This past weekend those assumptions prove to be true, as T.I. joined Nelly at his first performance since being arrested. As they both took the stage in South Florida, T.I. said a few words towards Nelly for all to hear.

"Put that bullshit behind you, get back to business...Fuck what a hater got to say," he said in the video, before yelling, "It's the king bitch!" Nelly's "Hot In Herre" then drops and the crowd goes wild, Nelly begins rapping, not adding any input on T.I.'s words. Watch below.

The case against Nelly has reportedly been halted because the victim has decided she does not want to testify and wants to stop the criminal investigation against the rapper. As we posted last week, the victim's lawyer, Karen Koehler, said her client "wishes she had not called 911 because she believes the system is going to fail her." Apparently, the meeting the accuser had with lawyers and prosecutors was supposed to be confidential until the investigation was done. After the public got a hold of it, she feels the detective failed to follow through with his word. This makes the next phase of the investigation a hard one, as Nelly denies the allegations and the young woman no longer wanting to go against him.

T.I. isn't the only rapper in the game who has Nelly's back. Akon also shared his stance on the matter where he said he's "almost 100% positive" that Nelly is innocent. "Not the Nelly I know," said the "Smack That" rapper/singer. "He's an amazing person."