T.I.'s arrest yesterday, while relatively brief, has caused all kinds of confusion as to what actually happened that night. The police report alleged that T.I. showed up at the entrance to the gated community where he lives drunk and looking for a fight. Tip apparently told the guard to "hook him up," and told him to "Come outside so we can deal with this man to man. Let's go in the street."

Now, in a conversation with TMZ, T.I. has provided details about his side of the story, some of which directly contradict what was written in the police report. For instance, according to T.I., when he arrived at the gate, the security guard was sleeping at his post and T.I. had to wake him up. He also alleges that he told the guard to "look him up," rather than "hook him up."

T.I. also claims that he had the guard call his wife, Tiny Harris, to let him in. When Tiny asked what the hold-up was in letting him in, the guard reportedly said, "Who the fuck do you think you is talking to me like this?" That apparently got T.I. very upset, and he recalls swearing at the guard and reminding him who pays his salary. 

When he asked for the guard's name, T.I. was met only with silence. He was let through the gate, and went home to cool down, but decided to go back and ask the guard again for his name. After being greeted with only silence once again, T.I. told him, "You can step outside the booth into the street, so we can talk," which was reportedly meant as a invitation to talk as opposed to a threat of violence. The guard called the police, and they arrested T.I. before ever asking his side of the story. 

T.I.'s attorneys have already issued a statement on the arrest, saying that he was arrested by, "white cops in a very white area."