T.I. and his best friend, Philant Johnson, are still working together, even though one of those men isn't walking this Earth anymore. 

Back in 2006, Johnson, who was also the rapper's assistant, was shot several times and killed by Hosea Thomas. That man would later be sentenced to 66 years behind bars, thanks in part to the testimony of Mr. Harris. According to an article published by MTV, T.I. recalled his difficulties in telling Johnson's daughter that her father had passed, telling the wife of his fallen friend that he also felt those shots were meant for him instead. It's quite a burden to carry on your shoulders, especially if the family of the deceased is still alive. However, T.I. is doing the best he can to look out for those people as well, who have in turn become part of his own extended family.


Now, Johnson's daughter is about to enter her senior year of high school and the rapper wanted to make sure she's riding around in style and comfort while she ends her journey through high school. In a video that he shared to his Instagram account, T.I. is shown surprising the young lady with a brand-new Honda, complete with a big red bow to signify the occasion. He also captioned the first video with a very heartfelt, personal message to Philant:

"See Phil... Our Loyalty lives forever!!! She's been on hers & doing everything we can possibly ask her to do. Making straight As & maintaining a 3.8 GPA all the way through school,staying away from all the things we were eyeball deep into when we was her age,& doing any & everything that's EVER been asked of her since you left. How can we not make sure she rides cool & in comfort her senior year? We miss you more than we can express... but we'll fill in for you in every way we can until it's all said & done. Next up... #College ðŸ¤·ðŸ½‍♂️ She gon go wherever she wanna go.... and be whatever she wanna be... ON US!!! #LOVE4LIFE#FAMILYFOREVER #RIPBIGPHIL#HustleGangOverErrrthang#PSC4LIFEandDEATH#ImSoHappyToSeeHerHappy#SheDeservesIt"

Big props to T.I. and all those involved with procuring the car for pay it forward, from one dad to another.