"Real Housewives Of Atlanta" star Apollo Nida has attracted some heat from T.I. after taking to Twitter to accuse the rapper of snitching. Apparently Nida, who is currently involved in a wire and bank deal fraud case, got some heat for accepting a plea deal that would make him an informant for the FBI, and he responded by comparing his actions to those of Michael Vick and T.I. in past legal cases.

T.I. was clearly not happy about Nida's accusation that he had in any way snitched as part of his plea deal, and confronted the reality TV star in an Atlanta parking lot yesterday with longtime pal Killer Mike there for support. In the video below, you can see Tip and Mike advising Nida to keep T.I.'s name out of his mouth. Quoth Mike: "You don't know his case, he don't know your case."

Nida also tweeted an apology to Tip:

It looks like Nida won't be slandering any other rappers in the near future.