Over 230,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 as the pandemic surges forward, and it's unclear how the United States will grab hold of the virus to keep cases from increasing. While some cities are still on lockdown under quarantine, others have opened back up to business as usual—so while one town is still "bored in the house," another can be out at the club. Recently, T.I. celebrated the release of his album The L.I.B.R.A. where he was spotted in a packed club, and when questioned about if he was worried about contracting coronavirus, the rapper said he wasn't overly concerned.

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"I've taken 13 COVID tests, they've all come back negative. All of them," T.I. told Speedy Morman. "I just took one. I get the results back in two hours. It's not like I'm just careless about my concerns for the virus. I just refuse to live in fear. I'd rather prepare, and when I say prepare, some people feel like the mask... I myself have a perspective I'd rather boost my immune system to defend me against COVID should I come in contact with it rather than wear a mask and hide in fear of coming in contact with it."

The rapper went on to explain that while he and his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, have taken multiple tests, all have been negative for both of them. However, Tiny had a test that did show she had antibodies, meaning at some point she had COVID-19, but recovered. T.I. believes that if he was in such close contact with his wife and tested negative without antibodies, meaning he never contracted the virus, he is doing something right to keep himself immune.

"I've researched and I've found that COVID starts in the throat," said the rapper. "A scratchy throat, a sore throat, before it makes its way..it grows and it travels to the lungs. If you catch it while it's still in the throat and you drink warm liquids, the warm liquids wash it down to the stomach where the stomach acid then kill it."

T.I.'s tea regime is reportedly helping him stave off the virus, but after his interview hit social media, people criticized the rapper for spreading misinformation. You can check out his interview below along with a few reactions, as well.