T.I. is a proud father and as such, he often shares his fondness for his children with his social media following. Since today marks his son's birthday, the rapper made no exception.

He posted a photo of himself and Clifford Joseph Harris III, along with a loving caption.

"Happy 14th Gday to the coolest, most charismatic,fearless,funniest,articulate,Caring,generous,& effortlessly talented 14 going on 28 yr old I know!!! It’s been an amazing journey that I’m honored and grateful I get to bare witness to your constant evolution. I’m always impressed by how much unwavering tenacity you display when you set your mind to achieving something.(even if it’s a total long shot of impossibility) I admire your brave individuality & how you maintain your identity never compromising your beliefs."

The rapper acknowledges the tough love required in steering his strong-minded son in the right direction.

"I love you more than you can probably see because I’m always on your ass about something...only because I know your potential greatness... I know it’s in you,because I put it there!!!! I recognize how great you WILL BE... it’s my job to make sure you get there... by any means! But enough of that for now enjoy the day. I love you and I’m proud of the young man you’re becoming!!! See u in a min."